Review Not A Review – Carry On – Suzuki Carry 4×4

As we all know, Theresa May used to be a niche pornstar and thus, since becoming Prime Minister, she has become obsessed with trying to take our access away from Internet porn in a bid to keep her own nudes out of the press. We decided to fight against this going old-skool and distributing pornography into the woodlands so young people in the Moorlands area don’t have to rely on their cousins for stress relief. This was of course an excellent opportunity to test out Andrew’s recently imported Suzuki Carry 4×4 with it’s 600cc engine, four-wheel drive system, and diff lock.

Review Not A Review – Tesmania – Toyota Land Cruiser BJ45

So, this little shed-venture all started a long time ago when Andrew was driving down a country road and saw a unicorn, his first in person sighting of a Toyota 40 Series. He nearly drove off the road in excitement. Well, by sheer chance, it transpired that the owner was a customer at the establishment Andrew’s wife manages.

Messages were exchanged, pleas were made, and we managed to get in touch with this FJ’s owner, Jonny. Better still, Jonny invited us up to see his FJ COLLECTION!

We hastily made our way up to visit, gathering whatever filming equipment we could lay our oily little mitts on, and were blown away by what he had to show us. This also meant, for the first time ever, Andrew got to lay his hands upon the vehicle he covets so deeply – but it got even better.

Jonny backed TES, the oldest in his collection, an old Tasmanian explosives truck from “down’t mines” that he’d had driven to Australian and shipped over, out his garage, pointed at his fields, and told us to get out there and have some fun.

And in fun we did partake.

The great news, we got it all on video, for you beautiful people, and thus we have the first of what we hope to be many Review Not A Reviews.