Review Not A Review – Carry On – Suzuki Carry 4×4

As we all know, Theresa May used to be a niche pornstar and thus, since becoming Prime Minister, she has become obsessed with trying to take our access away from Internet porn in a bid to keep her own nudes out of the press. We decided to fight against this going old-skool and distributing pornography into the woodlands so young people in the Moorlands area don’t have to rely on their cousins for stress relief. This was of course an excellent opportunity to test out Andrew’s recently imported Suzuki Carry 4×4 with it’s 600cc engine, four-wheel drive system, and diff lock.

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Chris Walley

Chris Walley

Want to know about me, do ya? Nosy bastard, are we? What do ya wanna know? What cars do I like? I like ones with V8s in, ta very much.

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