Episode 12 – Get F*cked Nissan!

You want the truth about evil car companies? You can’t handle the truth about evil car companies! We open with the long and colourful backstory behind why people call Ford Explorers “Ford Exploders” and then Andrew is let out of his cage to say his piece on why he thinks Nissan has completely lost direction since the French got involved. Sort it out, the French! We then talk about the rather depressing news about Uber’s self driving cars and discuss the cost and availability of electric conversions for classics.

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Chris Walley

Chris Walley

Want to know about me, do ya? Nosy bastard, are we? What do ya wanna know? What cars do I like? I like ones with V8s in, ta very much.

3 thoughts on “Episode 12 – Get F*cked Nissan!”

  1. It must be a sign, we have a bit of warm weather and I get on with outdoorsy stuff and you two dudes got mad with episodes! (Or have I just been lazy with my listening, either way I’ve got some catching up to do).
    Anyhow, I feel I must air a complaint about my so far enthralling podcast listening experience…
    I can’t download this and a few other episodes from the cloud of sound, as you guy’s seem to have taken the link away!
    You see, part of my enjoyment is listening to you guy’s rambling on whilst on my daily commute, and watching other drivers faces as they try to work out what’s going on by my facial expressions! Come on guy’s, get the links back up, I need a multi-episode-binge-fix!

  2. Thanks so much for the heads up, Dicky Dazzler. I’d like to claim we set this trap just to check if anybody is actually listening, but it’s far more a case of batting keys and clicking buttons in the hope stuff actually works. The issue should now be fixed and you can download our content freely without worry the FBI party wagon is going to rock up outside your abode.

  3. WOW, I get in from the daily drudge and the download links are back! Thanks to the Shedmin dept for sorting that, I now have my binge-fix sorted for next week’s commute!

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