Episode 10 – Fog lights ≠ Race car

A most momentous motoring moment! Ten, count’ em, episodes have now been coughed from our tea-soaked mouths into your beautiful little ears. Try to get that image out of your mind. We’re finishing off Stupid Car Stories this time with a few third-party tales for your pleasure. Car Fannery Corner is back again too. We know you can’t get enough of it. Andrew argues the case that driving around in your Picasso with your fog lights on is fooling nobody. Oh, and you know how insurance is stupid, just stupid? It’s only going to get worse.

Let Us Eat Cake

We finished up recording Episode 10 yesterday! To celebrate hitting double-digits, we tucked into this rather delicious cake that Andrew’s beautiful wife had cooked, presuming she’d made it adoration for our efforts. She claimed she didn’t even know we were approaching ten episodes, but we knew she was just playing coy. Either way, it was certifiably delicious and we’ll get to processing and uploading the new audio once we’re over the sugar rush.

Episode 9 – JDM Jimny Ride Along

Here we go with our first two camera setup. In fact, this should be the first time you’ve seen our hairy chinned little fizogs as they spout the very nonsense you’ve become accustomed to. We’re sorry the exterior is all a little blown out. We only have a cheap little action cam and an old phone, plus it was a bright, yet cold, day.

Flash Aaaahaaa – The Highest Village In The Universe!

We’re just working on the video for the Episode 9 ride along. Until then, feast your eyes upon our freshly flapjack filled beings stood upon a peak of the Peak District as we scour the adjacent A-Road for anything interesting to tell you about. Always spotting we are! This shot was taken from the Flash Bar Stores webcam – check it out here, and if you’re ever up that way, pop in and have a cheeky brew.

Episode 9 – The Teabagging Incident

It’s time for our first ride along of the year and this time round we’re broadcasting from the both tiny and tinny inside of Andrew’s JDM Jimny. We reflect back on some of the more stupid stories from our car owning past before discussing a little motoring misogyny for Car Fannery Corner. We’re on a mission too, an upward assault that a mountain goat would be proud of as we head to the highest village in England to pick up some beer. To finish off, we discuss the surprising safety benefits of electric school buses.