Episode 4 – Citroëns Are Wierd

Look at us managing to natter on for less than an hour! For this episode we raise a question absolutely nobody is asking; are Citroëns are too weird for their own good? I mean, we like ’em, but we’d feel a proper plonker driving some of ’em in a few years. Andrew’s bought a new car by the way. Can you guess what country it comes from? We also discuss a future where autonomous German cars might be programmed to be just as arrogant as their owners and inappropriate ways to euthanise a terminally ill hamster.

Episode 3 – Capris Are Too Rapey

We’re proper now! This time round, we’re asking all the important questions like, are we due a secondhand supercar glut, and does owning a Capri always make you look like a rapist? Dawson’s also regales us with tales of a few cars he’s spotted in the area, one of which is so interesting he forgets what it is mid-recording. Oh, and it’s been five minutes since Porsche last told us they make proper hairy bottomed driver’s cars. They do, ya know? Stop laughing.