Episode 2.017643 BETA Release

Crikey! Look at us go. Episode 2 already. We’ve barely had time to get kettle on. We’ve found time though – of course we’ve found time! This time round we finish up going on about our self-important-selves by trying to quickly go over the cars of our past, present, and (hopefully) future. It’s harder than you think. We’ve also made a little change to our format too with tea breaks included for your convenience – a-thankyou-very-much.

Strap Theeself In – It’s The Pilot

For our first episode, we introduce ourselves, have a little chat about being a car fan in the Staffordshire Moorlands, and get interrupted by Andrew’s mum! It’s all there though, the spiralling lanes, fifty-pound, snotters, and the right of passage that’s grown from car park crew to Fezi park cruise. Plus we pose the question, is the kind of car fan who doesn’t know an Escort Cosworth’s 4wd the kind of car fan you really want to be hanging around with?