Review Not A Review – Carry On – Suzuki Carry 4×4

As we all know, Theresa May used to be a niche pornstar and thus, since becoming Prime Minister, she has become obsessed with trying to take our access away from Internet porn in a bid to keep her own nudes out of the press. We decided to fight against this going old-skool and distributing pornography into the woodlands so young people in the Moorlands area don’t have to rely on their cousins for stress relief. This was of course an excellent opportunity to test out Andrew’s recently imported Suzuki Carry 4×4 with it’s 600cc engine, four-wheel drive system, and diff lock.

Smegventure – Shedventure

After Andrew rewarded himself to an imported Carry, his beautiful wife decided she’d reward herself with a SMEG fridge and thus the Carry was brought into action ALREADY PAYING FOR ITSELF. Here’s 10mins from our day along with a little trip to Yonno Gypo’s to pick up the GCIA following some massaging of the arches to accommodate the new, larger tires.

The UK Has Somehow Lost The Electric Car Race Before It’s Even Started

I’ve just got back from my first experience charging an electric car on the motorway, and it was an absolute unadulterated sh*tshow.

Let me preface this with an awkward admission, one which will either warm you to my cause or have you eject from this rant right now. I love electric cars and believe they are a bright and prosperous future, both for car fans and those who don’t want the planet to meet an early demise. I pay my $5 a month Patreon donation to the Fully Charged Show so exciting advocates like Robert Llewellyn and Johnny Smith can champion their virtues and bring more people into this movement. I want electric cars to work and I drive a V8 Jeep that gets 15mpg. I get it — it seems however the powers that be in the UK do not.

My dad called me up last weekend with a welcome surprise, he’d gone and traded in his Sports Diesel powered CLS for a BMW i3. Knowing how much this car had excited him from launch, I was delighted for him. The car is brilliant. It’s reinforced my view that electric cars are brilliant. I’m a little in love with it. I hope to do a “Review not a Review” for Men in Sheds once Andrew has gone through the therapy he needs to set foot inside a BMW.

My dad is also a pensioner, who was doing so few miles in said Mercedes it was killing batteries and had to be trickle charged on a fortnightly basis for fear of a multitude of low charge warnings, the potential to find himself stranded, or having both two-tone horns deciding to go off continually in the middle of the night. He figured, if he was going to have to plug a car in all the time, it might as well be an electric car. He made a great choice.

However, we just got back from charging at a motorway services, and I have to scream, WHAT THE F***K IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY? WHY CAN’T WE GET ANYTHING RIGHT? HOW ARE WE LOSING THIS RACE ALREADY?

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That Sh*te Before Christmas – A 4×4 Christmas Carol

Here’s a little Christmas message from us Men in Sheds. As some of you will know, we went on a little Shedventure recently after we were PROMISED loads of snow. We didn’t get much and, to top it off, it turns out we’re even less technically competent then we thought when it comes to cameras. There were some moments from these peaky climbers worth sharing though.

Therefore, the Dash to Flash Shedventure comes in the form of a poem, and we think the content is something many of our fellow 4×4 owners will be familiar with. So pull up a comfy chair, make a brew, sit back, and welcome in Christmas with all your fellow petrol heads around the World.

A very sincere Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from those Men in Sheds.

Episode 24 – Badge Engineering? Who Are You Kidding?


What a month for car news! The new Tesla Roadster and Truck has caused so much butt-hurtery with fossil fuel fans, but traditionalists can be happy the new Jeep Wrangler is only 0.1% different than the old one. Corvette have gone from poor man’s Lamborghini to full on Lamborghini while Lamborghini themselves have gone old-skool Lamborghini. But then Konnegseg have gone an done 277mph done an old road in Nevada. We’re living in crazy times and perhaps the new new Discovery number plate position is a sign of that.


While we’ve all been having a good laugh at the Toyota Prius over the years, it’s time to acknowledge it’s been fighting the EV fight now for two decades. Asia has led us into a new era kicking and screaming and it’s all too easy to fawn over Teslas and follow ze Germans. Toyota normalised the electric car and, if you’ve got a taxi in the last year, you’ve probably felt the benefit.


We’re going to stick our necks out here and dare to suggest there’s something a bit wrong with sticking Bentley badges on your 300C. We also think that putting M-badges on non M-Sport BMWs is a bit naff too. Badge engineering has spun so far out of control now even the manufacturers are in on it.


You know we’re not scared of getting a bit philosophical and we ask the ultimate question here, should a car be a material possession or a form of theatre. The fact is driving and car ownership gives us something very special beyond the usual consumerism but we still easily lose our way. We also have to respect that the person we see driving an expensive sports car may be in it for the pleasure and not the ostentation.